Static Storage Series

Static Storage Series
  • Brand:CryoKING
  • Model:CKSS610Z080 CKSS613T050 CKSS615Z050 CKSS615Z080 CKSS620Z/T050 CKSS620Z/T080 CKSS625Z/T050 CKSS625Z/T080 CKSS630Z/T050 CKSS630Z/T080 CKSS630Z/T125 CKSS635Z/T050 CKSS635Z/T080 CKSS635Z/T125 CKSS647Z/T127 CKSS947Z/T127
  • Material:High-strength aluminum alloy
  • Designed for efficient long-term storage of smaller capacities. Appropriate for long-term static preservation of biological samples of large number. Made of high-strength aluminum alloy.



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